Thank God For The Bible!

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

Many Books

Thank God for the Bible! But why do so? Let me suggest a few reasons.  

  • The Bible came from God. Its ultimate author is God, who infallibly guided the persons who wrote it .
  • It is a Book of truths that we would not know unless God revealed them to us in the Bible.
  • It tells us where we came from. That is, we came from God.
  • It tells us where we are going for eternity. That is, we are going either to bliss in heaven with God, or to misery in hell without him.
  • It tells us how to get to heaven. That is, it tells us of the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s eternal Son, who came to earth from heaven to die on a cross in payment for our sins so that we can receive forgiveness of sins by believing in Him, by accepting Him, as our personal Savior. To read more about how to receive salvation, click on this link to a short but good article:

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