The Wonder Of Prayer

   The Christian life is one of knowing the Lord in a personal way, not just knowing about him. When we read the Bible, he speaks to us. And by it he strengthens us. But prayer has a very vital part in our relationship with the Lord, too. Perhaps the following poem about prayer will be a blessing to you.
By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen
Have you considered the wonder of prayer?
That we can pray anytime, anywhere?
That we can lift our hearts to God above?
To one who cares for us with his tender love?

Oh, how good to turn to him when in need!
To know he listens, that he pays heed!
To bring our burdens to him, to bring our care!
To sense he’s waiting  to meet us there!

God wants us to bring our needs to him,
whether they’re big or small.
None are overlooked by him.
He’s concerned about them all.

If you are God’s child,
here’s what you should do:
Pray to him daily.
He wants to hear from you.

Pray in the name of Jesus,
God’s own beloved Son.
He honors the name of Jesus,
and remarkable things get done.

Give thanks for God’s answers
given to your prayers.
They are his reminders
that he really, truly cares!


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