You Can Trust The Holy Bible

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

     The Christian faith is rooted in the Bible. It is founded on the Bible. The Bible is to be the well, so to speak, into which we Christians lower our pails and draw out God’s truth. The following poem is intended to strengthen one’s faith in the Bible.  For your information: Of all the translations on the market today, I strongly prefer the King James Version (old English) and the New King James Version (modern English).

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

You can trust the Holy Bible from the first page to the last. You can trust what it says about the future, and what it says about the past.

There really was a Noah, who built an ark with a hammer and a nail. There really was a Jonah, who lived after being swallowed by a whale.

There really was a town called Sodom, destroyed by fire and brimstone from above. And God really did feed the Hebrews with manna, sent to them with love.

There really was a virgin Mary, who conceived Jesus in her womb. And it’s true He came to life again, after being killed and buried in a tomb.

It’s true Jesus healed the sick, and gave sight to those who couldn’t see. It’s true he healed the deaf, and walked on the Sea of Galilee.

He healed some who couldn’t walk, and raised three persons from the dead. He fed a multitude of people with only two fish and five loaves of bread.

The Bible tells us of hell, a place for those not forgiven of their sin. And it tells us of heaven, a place Christ’s disciples are sure to enter in.

The Bible speaks of many things, some easy, some hard to understand. But the Bible can be fully trusted, for it came from God’s almighty hand.

So, don’t pass judgment on the Bible. It’s always right, never wrong. For God has given all its contents, and there’s not a verse that doesn’t belong.

No, don’t pass judgment on the Bible. It’s God’s infallible Word. Just listen to God speak as you read it. You’ll be blessed by what is heard.


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