Calvinists Need To Read This Book!

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

     If you are a Calvinist, you probably have been misinformed about Arminianism. Therefore you need to read  Arminian Professor Roger E. Olson’s book called: “ARMINIAN THEOLOGY: MYTHS AND REALITIES.” The book is so good, I have read it four times. It helped clear up the misinformation I had received about Arminianism. For example, I had been misinformed that all Arminians reject the doctrine of “once saved, always saved.” I had also been misinformed that Arminius himself dogmatically opposed the doctrine of “once saved, always saved.” Many Calvinists have been misinformed to believe that Arminians think non-Christians can, without God’s help, believe the Gospel message and are able to become Christians by their own strength.

Here is a list of the chapters of the book:

Myth One: Arminian Theology Is The Opposite Of Calvinist/Reformed Theology.

Myth Two: A Hybrid Of Calvinism And Arminianism Is Possible.

Myth Three: Arminianism Is Not An Orthodox Evangelical Option.

Myth Four: The Heart Of Arminianism Is Belief In Free Will.

Myth Five: Arminian Theology Denies The Sovereignty OF God.

Myth Six: Arminianism Is A Human-Centered Theology.

Myth Seven: Arminianism Is Not A Theology OF Grace.

Myth Eight: Arminians Do Not Believe In Predestination.

Myth Nine: Arminian Theology Denies Justification By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone.

Myth Ten: All Arminians Believe In The Governmental Theory Of The Atonement.  

     What follows is a link to one source for the book. Click on it, and take a good look at the information about the book and its author. Then do these things: Get it! Read it! Tell others about it! Here’s the link:   

     Let me make one disclaimer: my hearty endorsement of the book is not an endorsement of Olson’s opinions on all other subjects. He has written many books, and I strongly disagree with him on some important points not related to Arminianism.


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