“Ten Lies About God: And The Truths That Shatter Deception”

   By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen 

     You might have noticed the quotation marks in the title of this post. They are there because the post title is the title of a very good book by well-known Christian author, Erwin Lutzer. In this book, Lutzer confronts some commonly held false ideas about God.  They are lies because they contradict God’s Word, the Bible, which is the Book of truth. Lutzer wrote the book to refute these falsehoods. Get! Read it! Tell others about it! 

Here are the book’s chapter titles:

Lie 1: God Is Whatever We Want Him To Be.

Lie 2: Many Paths Lead Into God’s Presence.

Lie 3: God Is More Tolerant Than He Used To Be.

Lie 4: God Has Never Personally Suffered.

Lie 5: God Is Obligated To Save Followers of Other Religions.

Lie 6: God Takes No Responsibility For Natural Disasters.

Lie 7: God Does Not Know Our Decisions Before We Make Them.

Lie 8: The Fall Ruined God’s Plan.

Lie 9: We Must Choose Between God’s Pleasures And our Own.

Lie 10: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.

A link to the book 

    What follows is a link to one source for the book. Click on it, and take a look at the information it provides about the author and the book.

     Here’s the link: http://www.christianbook.com/lies-about-truths-that-shatter-deception/erwin-lutzer/9780825429453/pd/429453?product_redirect=1&Ntt=429453&item_code=&Ntk=keywords&event=ESRCP


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