The Talking Leaves

Autumn graphics 


By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen
    As I bagged up leaves one September day,
this is what they seemd to say:
    “We once were healthy just like you.
Full of vim and vigor, too. 
   “We liked to feel the gentle breeze
as it blew through the trees.
    “We enjoyed the rain and the sun,
and watching kids outside having fun.
    “We looked at the flowers in colors bright,
at  the moon and stars on a cloudless night.
    “We saw  butterflies with wings outspread,
and squirrels hiding things in the flower bed.
    “We watched families picnic on the grass,
drinking iced tea from a glass.
    “We heard cats meow and dogs bark.
We saw friends strolling in the park.
    “We enjoyed birds on those summer days,
such as robins, blackbirds and bluejays.
    “Wonderful  things were in our view,
when we were healthy just like you.
    “But summer’s over and we’ve fallen down.
Now were old and  lifeless on the ground.
    “We’ll never enjoy another summer day.
It’s time to be bagged up and taken away.
    “So here’s the message we want to send:
Enjoy life’s summer before it must end.”
     My poem makes us think about life and death, and hopefully about life after death. When you die, will your soul go to be with God in heaven, or to be with the devil in hell? If you want to learn how to make sure your soul will go to heaven, click on the following link and carefully read the message: If you are a Chrsitian, rejoice in the blessings of God, for we are blessed no matter what our circumstances might be. WE will find them if we look for them. Besides rejoicing, seek God’s help to make this brief life one that will honor him and that will be a blessing to others.



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