Soccer Teams And Church Services

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

Soccer graphics
        My theme might seem peculiar: soccer teams and church services. What can churches learn from soccer teams? Well, let me answer the question by stating how the idea for this post came to mind: Recently I heard a soccer coach from a public high school tell his team that they were going to a certain town on a certain day to watch a professional soccer game. He said they would be going out to a nice restaurant for dinner that evening, and would be given a specific amount of money to spend on the meal. But he told them something else that really got my attention: they were given a dress code that they had to abide by at that event, and no exceptions would be allowed. He told the team they were representing their school, and had to dress appropriately for the occasion.
      What came to mind is the fact that that public school soccer coach expects his team to dress respectfully for that event because they will be representing their school, but many churches these days let people provide special music, preach sermons, read Scripture, or do something else in the services with no requirement to dress appropriatley for the occasion. Doesn’t it seem strange that musicians in some churches wear stocking caps and frayed or torn jeans during their presentations, but soccer teams are required to abide by a dress code? In other words, doesn’t it seem odd that churches allow individuals to be dressed down when representing their church and the Lord, but soccer teams are required to dress up a little when representing their public school?
   I am not saying that churches must require very formal dress of those who plan to do something in front of the congregation. What I am saying is, something is wrong when soccer teams have to dress better to go out to eat than some church people do when they participate in church services.

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