Is Mother Teresa’s Soul In Heaven?

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen


     Is Mother Teresa’s soul in heaven? This might seem to be a strange question to those of you who believe the souls of good people go to heaven. You might dogmatically say, “Well, of course her soul is in heaven! If anyone’s soul deserves to be there, it is hers!”
     I do not question the goodness or sincerity of Mother Teresa.  My goal is to get readers to think about the fact that goodness and sincerity have nothing to do with one’s soul going to heaven. We DO NOT work our way to heaven. Indeed, WE CANNOT do so. If Mother Teresa’s soul is in heaven, it is not because she was good and sincere. If her soul is in heaven,it is only because she had put her faith in Jesus Christ to save her soul, to forgive her sins, to give her eternal life.
     To read something that explains from the Bible how to make sure your soul will go to heaven, click on the following link to Evangelist John R. Rice’s famous sermon called, “WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED?” Thousands have been saved by hearing or reading and believing the message of this sermon. Here’s the link to it:

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