If You Want To Learn What The Bible’s Teaches, Do These 3 Things!

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

       If you want to learn what the Bible teaches, you should do these 3 things: 1) Read the Bible itself so you will get to know its contents firsthand. To read the Bible in modern English, read the New King James Version, also known as the NKJV. 2) Use a study Bible. A very  helpful edition is called the “NKJV Study Bible,” which is published by Thomas Nelson. I think this is the best study Bible based on New King James Version. 3) Read a book that will help you understand the theology (doctrines or teachings) of the Bible. Such books are called “systematic theologies” because they explain the theology of the Bible in a systematic way. The best book of this kind might be the original, one volume edition by H. C. Thiessen. It is called “Lectures In Systematic Theology.”  It is important to get the original edition, because a later edition has changed the book so that it now teaches some things the original author, H. C. Thiessen, did not believe, and which we should not believe.. And though it seems unethical to do so, the later edition still uses the original author’s name. So, be careful to get the right one. What follows is a link to a reprinting of the original work by  H. C. Thiessen. Note its very modest price. Here’s the link: http://www.lifelineprinting.com/thiessen_henry_c_lectures_in_systematic_theology.htm




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