A Good Book About A. W. Tozer: “In Pursuit Of God”

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

     One of my favorite Christian authors is A. W. Tozer, who died in 1963. I have read at least 20 of his books, some more than once. I have also read two biographies of this man of God. My favorite of the two is by James L. Snyder. It is called, “In Pursuit Of God.” I am enjoying my second reading of the book .

      In his book, Snyder tells us about Tozer as an individual, and as a preacher-author. He lived a remarkable life of Christian service. His books are still popular, though he has been dead for over 50 years. This is an uncommon thing for an author, and it is a tribute to his God-given ability to preach the Word of God to men and women in such a way that their lives were transformed.

    While readers need not agree with everything Tozer said, if they have hearts and minds hungry for profound and practical truths from the Bible, they will find a spiritual feast in his sermons and books. Readers will soon discover for themselves that Tozer’s preaching would not be welcome in many of today’s Bible-believing churches because he preached the great, life-changing truths of the Bible, and he challenged his listeners to surrender their whole lives to Jesus Christ, and to, therefore, be different from the sinful world in which we live.

     What follows is a link to one source for Snyder’s book about Tozer. It is a revision of the one I have read, but covers the same material. Here’s the link: http://www.christianbook.com/the-life-tozer-in-pursuit-god/james-snyder/9780830746941/pd/746941?item_code=WW&netp_id=543861&event=ESRCG&view=details. After clicking on the link, click on the button to look at the chapter titles. You can click on the other buttons, too.  



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