17 Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus Christ

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

    The Old Testament predicted many things about Jesus Christ. The Old Testament was written hundreds of years before he was born, but it had a lot to say about him. And when he came into the world, he fulfilled many of its predictions concerning himself. He was fully aware of what it said about him, and brought these predictions to the attention of his disciples, and pointed out to them that he was fulfilling, or had fulfilled, them. If you want to see for yourselves what I am writing about, carefully read Matthew’s Gospel, and note the many times in which it says something took place to fulfill an Old Testament prediction. You can also read verses 27 & 44 of the 24th chapter of Luke’s Gospel. These verses link events in the life of Jesus to Old Testament predictions.

     His fulfilment of these predictions are significant in many ways. But let us consider only two of them: 1) His fulfillment of them proves the absolute reliabilty of the Old Testament. 2) His fulfillment of them proves he was and is who he claimed to be: the incarnate Son of God. That is, they prove he is both God and man in one person.

     The disciples of Jesus Christ saw in his life the fulfillment of Old Testament predictions. An example of this is found in the 45th verse of the 1st chapter of John’s Gospel. In this chapter, Philip told Nathanael that they had found the one of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, had written. In that statement, Philip spoke of Jesus Christ. When he spoke of the law and the prophets, Philip referred to the entire Old Testament.

     Now it is time to consider 17 Old Testament prohecies fulfilled by Jesus Christ. 


1) He was born of a virgin. 2) He was  born in Bethlehem. 3) He was famed for wisdom. 4) He lived a sinless life. 5) He healed the needy. 6) He preached good news. 7) He entered Jerusalem in triumph.  


10 He was betrayed by a friend. 2) He was sold for 30 pieces of silver. 3) He was silent when accused. 4) He was beaten and spat upon. 5) He was crucified with sinners. 6) His side was pierced. 7) He was buried with the rich. 8) He rose from the dead. 9) He ascended into heaven. 10) He was exalted at God’s right hand.

      The information given above was taken from a website which has an excellent chart stating where each prediction is found in the Old Testament, and where its fulfillment is found in the New Testament. To look at this chart, click on the following link: http://legacy-cdn-assets.answersingenesis.org/assets/pdf/am/v6/n2/fulfilled-messianic-prophecies.pdf

       If you do not know know Jesus Christ as your Savior, and want to learn what you must know and do to go to heaven, click on the following link to a short but excellent  article that will give you this information: www.godssimpleplan.org/gsps-english.html.  



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