Why Is The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Important?

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

     Bible-believing Christians say the literal, physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is important. So important, in fact, that it is considered to be a fundamental of the Christian faith, which means you have to believe in it to be a real Christian. But why do they consider it to be so important? The short answer is this: it is because the Bible says it is of great importance. And because the Bible is  the infallible Word of God, its teaching about this subject must be believed.

     That is the short answer. But for a more thorough answer, click on the following link: http://www.gotquestions.org/QOTW.htm. If, after reading why the Lord’s  resurrection is so important, you want to learn how to experience his grace, mercy, and forgiveness, click on the following link. Then, read the article and do what the Bible says must be done to become a Christian: www.godssimpleplan.org/gsps-englsih.html.


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