King James Bible-onlyists Need To Read This Book!

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen
First Baptist Church
Spearfish, SD

     King James Bible-onlyists believe that only the King James Bible  (Also known as the King James Version and the Authorized Version) is the inspired, infallible, inerrant and perfect Word of God in English. They might acknowledge some good points about other English Bible translations, but have total confidence in only the King James Version.

     Because of their view of the subject, there is a Book they need to read. It is the 1611 King James Version. Many King James Bible-onlyists do not own, let alone read, a 1611 edition,  which is the first edition, of the King James Version. But if they would get one and read it, they would learn a great deal  from and about this venerable version. For example, they would learn that it was dedicated to King James, who bitterly opposed some other religious denominations, such as the Baptists. Books on Baptist history in England at that time verify this. A 1611 edition will also inform them of the view of its translators on many subjects. These include their view of the King James Version itself, and their view of some other translations, They said they did not believe any translation, including their own, was perfect. They also said a translation did not need to be perfect to be the Word of God. The 1611 edition also gives their view of the Septuagint (This was a translation of the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek, and was made before the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ), They said something that contradicts many King James Bible-onlyists. That is, they said the Septuagint WAS read and quoted by the apostles of Jesus Christ. The 1611 edition also contains an almanac of Church Of England Holy Days, including Easter and many others. The 1611 edition has hundreds of marginal notes, including those which say what the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament mean or say. The 1611 edition also has word spellings that were common at that time. It has verses that are worded differently than later editions. It also has interesting artwork scattered throughout its pages, including what seem to be two naked children. These remind me of the cupids associated with Valentine’s Day. Here is one more bit of interesting information about the 1611 King James Version: it makes reference to the differences between some manuscripts of the Greek New Testament, and maybe of manuscripts of the Hebrew Old Testament.


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