Beware Of Dolly Parton’s False Christianity

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen
First Baptist Church
Spearfish, SD

We live in the dark days of apostasy (departure form the Christian faith) that was long-ago predicted in the Bible. To read some of its predictions about the great apostasy now upon us, read, for example, the 24th chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, the 2nd letter of the apostle Paul to Timothy, the 2nd letter of the apostle Peter, and the letter of Jude. For those not familiar with Bible, all of these writings are found in the New Testament portion of it. I suggest you read the New King James Version or the King James Version. Both translations can be found on this website:

We know that we are seeing the fulfillment of these Biblical predictions because of the strange ideas that some have who call themselves Christians. Well-taught persons know that we cannot hold views on morality and doctrines that contradict the plain teachings of the Bible and be true Christians. Bible-based Christianity has definite moral standards and doctrinal beliefs that must be followed by those who call themselves Christians. While a Christian might sometimes have moral lapses and doctrinal deviations, this is not to be considered normal or acceptable. And when someone claims to be a Christian but persists in false doctrines and wrong behavior, we have every reason to believe they are false Christians, even if they are sincere in their beliefs.

The famous Dolly Parton is a good example of such a person. She cannot believe what she does and be a real Christian. Just as one must believe certain things to be, for example, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, or an atheist, so one must believe certain things to be a Christian. But Dolly Parton does not have Bible-based Christian beliefs. Her beliefs contradict the Bible.

What follows is a link to an article that tells what Parton believes that contradicts Bible-based, historic Christianity. By reading the article, you might realize you, too, believe in a false Christianity. If so, cast those falsehoods to the four winds and accept the truths of God’s infallible Word, the Bible. Here is the link: The author of this article, Baptist missionary and prolific author on Biblical subjects, David Cloud, is a fine Christian man. Even though he and I do not agree with one another on some subjects, we do agree on many other Biblical subjects. He is right on target in his assessment of Dolly Parton’s false claim to be a Christian.

If you want to become a Christian, click on the following link to a good but brief article that will tell you what you need to know. Read it carefully and do what it says. Here is the link:


One thought on “Beware Of Dolly Parton’s False Christianity

  1. Joe J

    Thanks very much for posting that link about Dolly Parton. I would like to mention that I also grew up believing as others do. Admiring and envying celebrities. I was led to believe that Dolly Parton was one of a few good people in Hollywood. But I guess I didn’t have enough brain cells to realize that her life was a direct result of whoredom. In my 43 years I finally got something right. The ability to recognize false Christians.


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