The Lord Will Be Near In The New Year

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen
First Baptist Church
Spearfish, SD

It is common to start a new year by reflecting on the past, and by wondering about the future. The fact is, we cannot undue the past or predict or control the future. Now, since the future is out of our control, it is good to know that, no matter what, the Lord will always be nearby. The following poem is meant to encourage us when facing an unknown future. It was previously posted.

The Lord Will Be Near In The New Year
By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen

The Lord will be near in the new year.
This is his promise, so be of good cheer!
Face it with faith, not with fear,
for every day he will be near.

Near to comfort and console.
Near to soothe a hurting soul.
Near to lead us to our heavenly goal.
Near when trials have taken their toll.

Near to give us what is best.
Near to assure us we are blest.
Near to bring our weary hearts rest.
Near to strengthen us for every test.

Near to restore us when we stray.
Near to forgive us when we pray.
Near to help us start a new day.
Near, near, come what may.


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