Read The Bible At Least Once A Year

Holy Bible: 100% Pure - Absolute Truth
By Pastor  Bruce K. Oyen

I have a message you need to hear:
read the Bible at least once a year.
Make it a lamp for your feet, a light for your path;
it will point you to heaven, and spare you God’s wrath.

Read the words of Moses,
and read the Gospels through.
Read popular Revelation,
and obscure Amos, too.

If you are a Christian,
Psalms will give you peace,
and Proverbs will give you light.
The warnings of the prophets
will set your heart aright.

If you’re not a Christian,
you need the Bible, too.
For it tells of Jesus,
who died for me and you.

It also says he rose again,
and lives in heaven above.
But you must accept him,
who died for you in love.

There’s a message in the Bible for all,
if we will only hear.
So, be sure to read it through
at least once every year.

This easily can be done,
if you do what I say:
read four of its chapters
each and every day.

So get out your Bible,
and begin to read today.
You will truly marvel
at what God’s Word has to say!


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