“Get Your Hopes Up!”

Here is a good word about hope from Patriot Bible University’s “Patriots Progress” newsletter:

Get your Hopes Up!
When we pay attention to the problems in our world–and to how little control we seem to have to do much about many of them–it is easy for us to lose hope. But that is because we make the mistake that Peter did when he walked on water. He was doing fine until he took his eyes off of Jesus, and forgot to keep listening to Him. When Peter focused on the storm and the water and himself, then he quickly lost hope and sank.

True faith results in Biblical hope. Hope means we have confidence that all of God’s promises will become reality. That kind of hope is basically the faith to believe that God will do what He says He will do.

And how do we know what He will do? By consulting His Word. In Psalm 119, he refers to this quite often. Verse 81 says, “my soul fainted for Thy salvation: but I hope in Thy word.” Verse 114 adds, “Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in Thy word.” We find hope and security through God’s Word.

Get your hopes up! Build your faith in God and His promises. Faith comes by hearing…the Word of God. Live with great expectations. God will not lose control. We can trust Him! He understands fully when the enemy comes in like a flood. He knows about every storm of life that we will ever face.

Spurgeon encourages us to “hope as much as ever a man can hope; for when your hope is in God you cannot hope too much.” We never need to worry about being disappointed in the results when we truly “hope in God”. He may do things differently than we thought He would. His ways and His thoughts are higher than ours. But He will always come through!

Remember, life without Christ is a hopeless end, but life with Christ is an endless hope.

This also is from Patriots Progress:

An English lady had two daughters she had not seen in many years. She got news that one of her daughters had died. Now she was on a ship bound for America to visit her other daughter. But the ship was bombarded by a deadly storm. All of the passengers were in a state of panic…except for this lady. When asked how she could be so calm, she said: “Well, I have two daughters, one in America and one in heaven. I am on my way to see my daughter. If the ship survives, I will see the one in America. If not, I will see the one in Heaven. So either way, praise God; I will see my daughter.” Christians who understand the hope of God, as did this mother, find themselves in a “can’t-lose” situation, no matter the circumstances.
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