Statements From Bible Scholar Dean John Burgon About The King James Version And The Received Text

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen, First Baptist Church, Spearfish, SD

I have been perusing an online edition of Dean John Burgon’s book called, “Revision Revised.” Maybe you’ve read it. What a complex book! And to think he wrote it long before there were computers with which to do research. It’s amazing, really. As you might know, many KJV-onlyists are also Received Text-onlyists. And as you might know, some of them like to have us think  Burgon was on their side. But, as you also might know, that is only partly true.
I have read quotes of him that prove he was not what these folks claim. But, I have wanted to read his statements for myself. Hence, my perusal of his book. Consider this statement from “Revision Revised” : “To be brief,—As a companion in the study and for private edification: as a book of reference for critical purposes, especially in respect of difficult and controverted passages:—we hold that a revised edition of the Authorized Version of our English Bible, (if executed with consummate ability and learning,) would at any time be a work of inestimable value. The method of such a performance, whether by marginal Notes or in some other way, we forbear to determine. But certainly only as a handmaid is it to be desired. As something intended to supersede our present English Bible, we are thoroughly convinced that the project of a rival Translation is not to be entertained for a moment. For ourselves, we deprecate it entirely.

     Burgon also said,  “But pray, who in his senses,—what sane man in Great Britain,—ever
dreamed of regarding the “Received,”—aye, or any other known “Text,”—as “a standard from which there shall be no appeal? Have I ever done so? Have I ever implied as much? If I have, show me where.”
The so-called “Dean Burgon Society,’ headed up by D. A. Waite, needs to own up to these statements by Burgon.

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